Thursday, April 14, 2005

Eric Rudolph and our Double Standard about Terrorism

Before 9/11 there was Oklahoma City. After 9/11 there was the anthrax scare which the last time I saw it appear in the news got traced to American sources. Now it's the Atlanta Olympics bombing and a series of abortion clinic bombings which 9 years after the fact finally have gotten solved with a plea bargain? Why is it that Right to Life Americans seem more appalled by Michael Schiavo than Eric Rudolph?

Today, the president endorsed Tom Delay, who is both a Russian agent (he apparently took money to do the bidding of a Russian lobbying group) and someone who let his mother strangle his father even though his father still seemed able to recognize people?

Right wing terrorism by Americans in America poses as much a threat to the US as Al Qaeda. While they didn't find WMD in Iraq, there were stories that a right wing group in Texas was stockpiling biological weapons. I don't understand why these stories seem to disappear so quickly and why the leaders of the "mainstream" right in this country are so hesitant to condemn or disassociate from the Eric Rudolphs.



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