Saturday, July 08, 2006

Limpbaugh in a Blue State (Limbaugh legal problem)

Now that they’ve confiscated his viagra, Rush Limpbaugh must be relieved that he won't  be having to do hard time for failing to have his own name on his prescription.  With Bob Dole and Rafael Palmeiro both having endorsed the drug and now Rush being caught with it, there appear to be a lot of Republican males who are in a blue state in more ways than I’d imagined.  It does bring me back to the sixties when people used to walk around with signs and buttons that said “Make love not war.” Apparently, you have to choose one.   

When the Limpbaugh story broke, a number of folk got very excited about the fact that he’d violated his “probation”.  To be clear, the mostly deaf talk radio guy (btw this is a common side effect of Oxycontin abuse) wasn’t placed on probation two months ago.  He had a deal with the prosecutor that meant that he wouldn’t get charged with doctor shopping if he submitted to regular drug testing and didn’t carry firearms.  I do appear to be the only blogger who did take a look at the side effects of Oxycontin, the drug Limpbaugh had been collecting and did find out that impotence is one of the side effects.  Before anyone gets excited though, it’s listed as a  rare side effect though so is "ringing in the ears"..  

A number of people did speculate why Limpbaugh, who is divorced multiple times and not currently linked with anyone, was flying to the Dominican Republic with a bottle of unprescribed Viagra.  He was caught with 20 of the pills on his way back, none of the stories I saw indicated how many pills started in the bottle.  Second, the Orlando Sentinel story refers to three other people on his private jet which makes the romantic weekend down there much more unlikely.  I know that Limpbaugh has personally defended the sanctity of marriage and I assume he doesn’t believe in pre-marital sex, so I assume that he was going into his blue state to entertain himself.  It does make perfect sense to me.  If someone were being intimate with Limpbaugh, that individual would need some help.  I assume that Jocelyn Elders was not one of the three people on that private jet.

Some point out that Limpbaugh has received the same treatment from the law that anyone who wasn’t a famous hypocrite would have gotten on a first offense.   I suspect that this is true.  I’ve personally always been surprised at what prosecutors won’t charge.  One time my wife’s car was stolen and the thief was caught driving it up the coast two days later.  They never charged him with theft supposedly because no one saw him actually steal the car.  Another friend of mine had a stranger in a road rage incident throw hot coffee at him.  The police didn’t charge in that matter either because he didn’t have to go to the hospital.  I told him that had the woman bought the coffee at McDonald’s, he would have had a better case.  

I do, however, wonder if the standard for someone like Limpbaugh really should be “What any petty criminal, small time drug addict, should get”. He does, after all, hold himself out as the voice of princple and reason.  I’m not saying that he should have to go to prison.  I am wondering, however, what he’s still doing on the radio.  In the same vein, I was also wondering how Ken Lay had a heart attack in his Colorado vacation home after being convicted.  Somehow, it seems Limpbaugh insisted on all his own Constitutional rights when he was the one in trouble.  Does anyone wonder how close Limpbaugh’s private jet came to flying over Guantanomo on his way back to Florida from the Dominican?

In the end, I’m left with this really odd thought.  Rush got his Viagra prescription put in his Doctor’s name because he wanted sexual privacy while wandering the Dominican for a weekend?  Isn’t he the same guy who’s been arguing in abortion matters that sexual privacy isn’t a compelling argument or right?  Isn’t this the same guy who argues that privacy must give way to the government’s right to prevent terrorism?  Limpbaugh may have just taken the lead from Anne Coulter in the race to be  this generation’s  Roy Cohn.



At 7/08/2006 11:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One assumes that the chances for deaf & wilted side effects are increased if one is taking 100 times the prescribed dose or whatever it was.

I wish disgusting Republicans would stop flogging Substances which remind us of putative women (maybe men too -- that would explain the subterfuge?) who should get the death penalty (Well, at least the rack or the stocks) for having truck with some sleazeballs whose score on the Revolto Meter is like a Geiger Counter in downtown Hiroshima 080645. The YukIck Factor is 50 standard deviations out.

At 7/09/2006 07:35:00 AM, Blogger Chancelucky said...

the funny thing is if you look at that page of rare side effects for Oxycontin, it describes Rush Limpbaugh surprisingly well. Here are a few more,

agitation, amnesia, burping, chest pain, cough, decreased sexual drive, dehydration, depression, difficulty swallowing, diminished muscle tone, diminished sensitivity, dry or inflamed skin, emotional instability, fainting, gas, generally ill feeling, hallucinations, hives, impotence, increased appetite, intestinal obstruction, lack of menstruation, loss of identity, migraine, neck pain, overactivity, pain, ringing in the ears, seizures, sore throat, speech disorder, stomach problems, stupor, swollen arms and legs, swollen face or mouth,

At 7/10/2006 03:02:00 PM, Blogger inkyhack said...

How strange. I get all those same symptoms after I finish off a bottle of rum. Hmmmmm ...

At 7/10/2006 04:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good grief! Every single symptom is Rush to a tee except maybe the lack of menstruation. WHO would swallow this stuff, least of all in gargantuan doses? Gimme arsenic. Or, preferably, give him arsenic.

What happens if you combine Oxycontin + Viagra, me wonders? Does it make you a Republican? That would be a side effect too dire to countenance.

At 7/11/2006 07:37:00 PM, Blogger Chancelucky said...

you need to stay away from Rum served in Cambodian Doughnut shops. Not everything is good or interesting just because it's cross-cultural.
They do make good beer from doughnut yeast though, Angkor Steam.

Mr. Pogblog,
Rush doesn't menstruate(to my knowledge) so it still fits. I do get ringing in the ears when I listen to Rush and I'm also certain that his financial ideas would lead to "depression" so....perhaps he's taken so much Oxycontin he now literally embodies it.


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