Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NCVA update Separate Website (volleyball)

(photo courtesy of Arctic Ferret who has nothing to do with Norcal volleyball)

I just wanted to mention that with the help of several members of the group, the NCVA saga now has its own website.

The NCVA posts that appeared here, remain here in the meantime. This should free me up to simply discuss the matter here as someone expressing a personal rather than a group opinion. More important, I'm hoping it lets me get back to writing about volleyball matches and my experience as a parent.

The new site is on my links list and here

I'll say once again that it's been very inspiring to see parents take an interest in this and truly become a team. I couldn't have produced a website with anywhere near the level of sophistication, attention to detail, etc. as If you need a site done for your business, self, etc., I now know where to refer people (it's not me). One of the interesting things is that NCVA spent 200kplus , per their 990,on its own site. The group's site was essentially free.

Part of the parenting process is letting go. The group now includes parents, coaches, club directors, referees, former employees of NCVA, etc. It now has a central point of contact that's not part of a blog that contains posts about reality tv, Defense department briefings, Theobertarianism, etc. There's a part of me as a blogger that's sad to see it go as part of this blog (though I'll keep posting about volleyball from time to time and even sometimes NCVA), but it's a sign that it's also taken on a life of its own.

Some day soon, players and parents in Northern California will get the region they deserve and that they've paid for.

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