Wednesday, December 12, 2007

AAU and NCVA letter (NCVA)

We sent the following to NCVA this week on the matter of dual participation in AAU and NCVA. In the meantime, I'm personally looking forward to attending the final four in Sacramento over the next couple days.

Ms. Donna Donaghy
President and Executive Director NCVA
74 Dorman Av.
San Francisco, Ca. 94124

Dear Ms. Donaghy,

I’m looking forward to a successful NCVA club season and hope this finds you well. As you are probably aware, the AAU, a member organization of USAV, has been expanding its efforts to develop even more opportunities in the region for junior players. I’ve been asked the question about whether or not there is anything that expressly forbids or penalizes dual participation in both NCVA and AAU events. I’ve been through the most recent expanded NCVA handbook and while I found some enhanced penalties for various offenses, I did not find a rule that expressly prohibited dual participation. I’d just like to make sure this is correct.

I am aware that Margie Mara of the national organization has confirmed in writing that there is no national prohibition against dual participation by players, coaches, clubs, or referees. If you or your board could clarify this formally it would be much appreciated and it would help a number of clubs plan their seasons accordingly.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with one representative of the AAU and he seemed quite anxious to work cooperatively with the NCVA on behalf of promoting the sport at the junior level. Personally, I think the Northern California volleyball community will welcome anything that would expand the resources and opportunities for junior players in the region to compete with sanctioned referees and in first-rate facilities.


On Behalf of Northern California Volleyball 4 All




At 12/14/2007 08:23:00 AM, Blogger None said...

We saw part of the Stanford game last night. Its really amazing what those women can do. There was one woman that seemed to leap over the outstretched hands attempting to block and smash the ball through the floor. Anyway, we enjoyed the five set thriller.

A bit of a side note.. In my home area, they are investigating a high school under Title IX abuses (softball / baseball related). Im not sure people will ever learn.

At 12/17/2007 03:37:00 PM, Blogger Chancelucky said...

you're probably talking about Fouluke Akwinerado, the national player of the year.

fwiw, it's easy to violate title IX without exactly meaning to do anything terrible. I do hope to hear more about what's going on with the softball vs. baseball question.
One of my daughter's friends actually won the right to play high school baseball instead of softball when she was a teenager. She later went to work for women's baseball USA.


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