Thursday, March 09, 2006

NCVA response (parent issues) volleyball

I got the following e-mail from Donna Donaghy shortly after our meeting on Saturday.  I’m a little less optimistic about this latest attempt to work with NCVA because (maybe it's me) but the tone was not encouraging, but remain hopeful that we can work things through. I’ll be posting the followup shortly.


Per your request for the NCVA by-laws, Diane Mazzei has informed be that the by-laws are under review/updated at this time and will be available on the NCVA webpage as soon as possible and that our budget is not open to the public.
I have meetings, and/or events that I am required to attend, all NCVA related, every weekend for the month of March. I can meet in the evenings during the week. At this time I have meetings scheduled for the evenings of March 13th, 15th, 23rd and the 31st. As I said this is a very busy time for me. Anytime after 7:00 PM will work. I am not sure of a place, I am not sure were everyone is coming from.
I would like to make it clear, so that we do not have any misunderstandings, that I have agreed to meet with your group to discuss and answer any questions you may have. I believe it is important to communicate with all stakeholder groups.
The NCVA/ Board does not recognize this group as an official parent group/committee of the NCVA. that I or the NCVA has given you or this group any authority, responsibility and that I do not guarantee any out come from these meetings. I will share the discussions that we have had with the Board.
Can you give me some insight as how or if you are planning to communicate the contents of our meetings to others outside the four in the group?
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