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Latest Response from NCVA (volleyball)


I received the following response letterChancelucky: Letter to NCVA from group (parents) volleyball from the NCVA.  I should mention that the letter itself was actually unsigned though the names of the board members appeared in print below the signature line.  Second, my paper version of my letter that contained my check was returned to me unopened and apparently unread, though I had also faxed it.
I’m not sure how we are supposed to meet with the commissioner when she is too busy to copy 990 forms or respond to any requests between now and the June board meeting, but the group has committed to keeping communications open and working with the region.  

The group started requesting a copy of the current bylaws two months ago.  The NCVA has been a registered non-profit in California since 1982.

March 17, 2006

Dear Mr. ______,

The NCVA Board of Directors is committed to working with all it’s’ customers and parents of the Region.  The NCVA Board of Directors considers and appreciates inputs from all stakeholder groups: and is very interested in working together to ensure the continued quality of our services, programs, and events.  This letter is in response to the points discussed in the letter you sent to the NCVA office dated March 9, 2006.

  • As stated in earlier correspondence, the NCVA Bylaws will be posted on the NCVA website.  The NCVA adheres to this Bylaw access requirement according to California Corporation Code 516.  Our corporate attorney has advised us of the following:

  • “California law does not require NCVA to post its Bylaws on its website.”

  • NCVA is not required to give a copy of its Bylaws to a “customer” or to anyone else other than a Board member or a state or federal regulatory agency.”

This is the current practice of the NCVA.  All Board members receive the Bylaws once they become members of the Board of Directors.  Members of the NCVA, who are players, coaches, club directors, etc. are our customers.  This is state in our Bylaws.  It has been part of our Bylaws since their inception in 1994, and has not been changed.  The Bylaws have been written by our corporate attorney, approved by the State of California, and have been on file and approved by USA Volleyball- our National Governing Body by an act of the United States Congress.  Our Bylaws are currently being physically updated to reflect amendments that have been approved in previous years and once updated will be posted on the NCVA webpage.

By posting the Bylaws on our website, the NCVA has granted sufficient access to all of its customers and exceeded the requirements of the California Corporations Code 5160, thus eliminating the need to visit the NCVA office in person.

  1. As you are well aware, the NCVA is in a very busy time of the season.  Because it would take a great deal of time to compile and copy seven years’ of 990 forms, we refer you to the fact that this information can be found on the Internet.  Your check has been returned in this mailing.  

  1. Your request to attend and address the NCVA Board of  Directors at the June 12, 2006 (the next scheduled NCVA Board meeting) has been approved and placed on the agenda (Exact time and details to follow).  The NCVA Board of Directors strongly encourages you, your group, and any other interested parents to continue to meet with the NCVA Commissioner, Donna Donaghy, to help improve the level and quality of communications with parents.  We believe your first meeting was very productive and offered some great suggestions that will begin to establish a direct line of communications between the NCVA and parents

  1. As advised by our corporate attorney:

“NCVA is not required to post Board minutes, Board agendas, oro Board meeting dates.  Obviously, a Board member is entitled to all of this information.  There is an exception if NCVA received any funding from the City of San Francisco ( we do not receive any funding from the City of San Francisco).  Some nonprofits in San Francisco that receive City money are required under local, City law to hold two open meetings a year.”

Since we do not receive funding from the City of San Francisco, we are not required by any local or state regulations to conduct any open meetings for our customers.  The NCVA Board has decided to post information on the NCVA website about customer protocol for attending Board meetings.

  1. In response to your request for a list of all NCVA members with addresses and contact information, the following are members of the NCVA:  Ed Cohen, Martin Bagnasco, Donna Donaghy, Diane Mazeei, Andy Serrano, and Tim Walsh, Their address is 72 Dormoan Avenue, San Francisco, Ca. 94124.  NCVA customers, including your daughter, are not required to give out personal information to anyone within or outside of the NCVA unless they choose to do so.  If you need to address correspondence directly to an NCVA Board member, please address your envelope “Attn (give name) Personal and Confidential” and the office staff will forward the envelope unopened.  Sending the letter “signature required” will confirm receipt of your letter.

I believe that the points in your letter have been addressed.  If there are any further concerns you wish to bring forward, be aware that they may not be addressed until we have completed the Junior Far Western National Qualifier and the Power League Regionals.  Our office staff is completely focused on these upcoming events and working long hours to maintain the high quality that is the standard for NCVA tournaments.


list of names of all the board members follows.    


At 3/22/2006 11:24:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a very defensive letter. Also offensive--I do not consider my daughter a "customer" of the NCVA. Why are these people so uncooperative? And wasn't there a promise to make the by-laws available in the office prior to putting them on the website?

At 3/22/2006 11:46:00 AM, Blogger Chancelucky said...

I don't like being referred to as a "customer" either. It may just be the "term" used in the bylaws, but still haven't seen them. I prefer constituent, since customer implies that we have other places to buy the same services.

A board member had indicated to me that they would be available at the NCVA office.


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