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Nugs (Bachelorette 4 final 2)

Wow, was I wrong! A lot of us were.

A few minutes after they aired After the Final Rose (without the usual promo for the next Bachelor), I called the police.

CL: I’d like to report a missing person.

P: What’s the name?

CL: Deanna Pappas

P: Wow, you’re not the first one who’s called looking for her. How do you know she’s missing?

CL: She was supposed to turn up with Jason Mesnick and his son in Seattle.

P: And how are you related to Ms. Pappas?

CL: She’s a friend. She’s been in my living room for something like thirteen weeks. She’s America’s sweetheart. She’s the Bachelorette who knew what she wanted only to have Brad Womack let her down. She then got a second chance to find her soulmate. That Mike Fleiss is just so romantic.

P: Usually, it’s only the next of kin or close family who can report a missing person, but you’re clearly very invested in this.

CL: You’re damn right, I was the one who said for weeks that she was going to be at Jason Mesnick’s house this week playing miniature golf with his son Ty. To be honest, officer, I think there may be foul play involved.

P: What makes you say that?

CL: The Deanna Pappas I knew said three things over and over. We got like 15 hours worth of…. 1) I know what I want 2) I’m not going to be like Brad and lead anyone on 3) I want to start my family immediately and to be passionately in love with the man I marry because family is so important to me.

P: So, lots of reality show contestants say things like that.

CL: But, Deanna was more persuasive about it than most reality show contestants because she was so sure of herself. One day she’s crying about a little boy and talking about her heart melting then a week later she’s giving everyone nugs and talking all about fun, adventure, and Jesse maybe getting a gig as a commentator for the X Games.

Another weird thing, she also kept saying how much her family meant to her, then she ignored her father and grandmother’s advice.

P: What about the sister in law though?

CL: Yeah, that was pretty interesting. The sister in law says “You might be less ready for this kind of commitment than you think. You’re a free spirit. What’s more free spirited than a professional snowboarder?”

P: See, she did listen to her family.

CL: No, that whole home visit was like “Let’s flip a coin to decide this” they flip the coin, Deanna looks at the result, then she says “Okay, how about three out of five?” In the meantime, Jason is Mister Salesman, saying all the right things, giving the Dad free chipping and putting lessons, playing up to the grandparents. Jesse’s in the living room doing the sequel to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

P: There’s also the whole matter of how could someone say this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do like four times in two weeks?

CL: Doesn’t that just break your heart?

P: That whole Jeremy comes back thing was pretty damn gratuitous, like they were sending the poor guy to Bachelor Guantanomo. You do realize that this woman who knew exactly what she wanted claimed to have serious feelings for Brad Womack, Jeremy Anderson, Graham Bunn, Jason Mesnick, and Jesse Csincsak all in the course of how many weeks?
She’s either falling in love or in love with each of those guys. Now she announces that she knows what she wants? She told Graham, “You were the one I was falling in love with.” What is it two weeks later and she’s proclaiming that Jesse is her soulmate?

CL: Maybe this isn’t a missing persons case. Maybe it’s more like fraud.

P: Are you saying that Deanna was a fraud? It is okay to find out that you didn’t know yourself as well as you thought.

CL: She’d never heard of the space needle. Might be a clue about her actual prospects of being a lawyer’s wife in Dallas with Jeremy. She did like Ty, but she did seem more than a little awkward with the kid. Come to think of it, she lived with someone once before and supposedly was in love with Brad Womack yet she never talked to those guys about her mother’s death. Jason comes along and she opens up about it and we’re supposed to go “Wow….she finally found the right guy.” Looking back, it’s more like a warning sign that she’s never sought real emotional intimacy.

P: Think about the Graham thing. If you look at their encounters, he was sort of saying he was interested but was cautious about the fact that she was kissing other guys. As in how real is this with me if you can do that?

CL: You’re probably right. Deanna was just one of those people who insists that she knows herself and what she wants, then they reveal that she really doesn’t. TV can do that and it’s what reality tv is supposed to do best. If it’s a fraud, maybe the fraud is Fleiss’s edit.

P: You might have overestimated the guy.

CL: As in why would anyone bring a little kid on a show like this, introduce the kid to Deanna, then let her dump dad in the finals no less?

P: But I don’t think letting poor Jason get on one knee to propose was a Fleiss thing.

CL: The whole edit was a bit strange. Jesse gives the woman this photo book that he couldn’t possibly have made himself. The angles for the final rose ceremony are all strange. But what was up with building up this whole Jason story? There certainly was stuff there to see the Jesse attraction coming through and it could have been an interesting story on its own.

P: Yes, Jesse’s story was like a good installment of Average Joe with the right ending. You’ve got all these dark-haired male model types and the short guy Jesse wins by making friends with her and focusing on her completely, more or less every nerd’s dream. They were both competitive. Jesse won the pushup and the singing contest and Deanna outdrove the guys. They both love speed and they both had a tendency to be socially inappropriate. I mean she kept a guy who talked about farting in front of the cameras. Anyway, why hide the romance?

CL: It wasn’t so much that, it’s more like they hid the real Deanna.

P: The real Deanna was all there. It’s just that everyone was so intent on seeing the “serious” Deanna, they overlooked so much. She was bartending, had gone to Hollywood once before, and after all that talk about family maybe she had some rebellion issues as well. I mean her mom and dad may have gotten divorced while the mother had cancer and three little kids. How are you really going to feel about that?

CL: At least his means we’ll not have to hear Brad Womack’s name anymore.

P: You think maybe something’s wrong when they hit the final episode and she’s still talking about the guy, her family’s talking about the guy, and she’s on After the Final Rose and still talking about the guy?

CL: The trouble with the edit is that this was Bobby Ewing in the shower all over again on Dallas. People want to trust the show. It shouldn’t be like an extended April Fool’s Day prank.

P: You still want to press charges against Fleiss for fraud.

CL: Nah, that’s just who he is. Deanna’s just who she is. She was pretending to be deep and mature when she’s not. How many twenty six year olds can see the romance in hooking up with an insurance salesman and his three year old son? That really only happens in Meg Ryan movies. You saw the Maserati. Deanna’s probably actually closer to Paris Hilton. When Jesse did the wheelies on the ATV, that was her idea of romance.

P: I hear the next Bachelor is Paula Abdul’s ex-boyfriend JT Torregiani.

CL: Now there’s a reason to watch. Maybe they’ll have Paula judge the fantasy dates. “First I want to say, you looked really beautiful tonight, but that wasn’t your best performance.”

P: You think this show has jumped the shark?

CL: They sure had enough of them swimming around Jason and Deanna.

P: So you still want to file a missing person’s report?

CL: Naw….I hope Jesse and Deanna do get forever together. I hope Jason improves his ability to match the women he falls for to the kind of life he wants. If you remember, the first wife wound up in a rock video. I wish Jeremy and Graham well too. You know, there were an awful lot of nice guys in that group….Before I say this, I have to say that I like Jesse and don’t think the romance is “fake”, but it’s like they took Deanna to the finest restaurant in the city and she wound up ordering a hamburger.

P: Nugs all around then. See you next season?

CL: I’m not sure. You remember the New England Patriots last year? They had the best season ever going, then they got to the Super Bowl. Or did they start with Sleepless in Seattle and wind up with Something about Mary? Or….I guess I might be done. Time to go back to my regular writing.

little bits:
1) did anyone catch her story about going home to Jesse after the Men Tell All? I take it they're living in Los Angeles somewhere. That's really different from no in person contact until ATFR. It also suggests that they're just going to set up in LA a la Matt and Shayne. Didn't Matt have a job at one time?

2) the Jesse ending was leaked over the weekend at by Cape who has a pretty remarkable record with getting the inside info on this stuff. It remains one of the great pleasures of following the show, but it's a pain that some of them are always right :}

3) There are also various consipiracy theories about pink flowers vs. white flowers at the 2 final rose ceremonies. You'd think that Fleiss was importing yellow cake uranium from Niger, the way some of these folks analyze this stuff. I'd be very worried if Reality TV acquires weapons of mass destruction to go with its weapons of mass deception.

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At 7/08/2008 05:43:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have enjoyed your insights and humor all season.

I too thought Jason was a shoe-in; but his maturity and hers were revealed to be on totally different levels; Jason open and mature, DeAnna not.

I also don't know whether I'm going to watch another installment... I feel very let down with the edit or DeAnna, not sure which, but either way feeling is the same.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts... you brought the episodes to life for me.

All the best, Sue

At 7/08/2008 05:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chancelucky,

I cannot resist from gloating: The snow monkey strikes again.

Even though I strongly believe they used the same script as in Matt Grant's season, I agree with you that they have improved upon it and made it a lot more interesting.

At 7/09/2008 08:09:00 AM, Blogger Chancelucky said...

Many thanks for reading my posts and for your kind comments.
I do think it's mostly the edit, but part of that edit was that they made Deanna out to be someone she really wasn't. As I think about it, Jesse was the one guy in the final four who showed much of a sense of humor, though Jason showed flashes of one on the fantasy date.

It's hard to say whether or not I'll follow the next season. I think a lot of us say that we're never going back, then....I know I felt a bit that way after Matt-Shayne, but I was encouraged by the early Deanna episodes. In fact, I thought they had a great thing going right up to the ending.

Yep, you were right, so feel free to gloat.
While the show does seem to like snow sports types lately, I would say that this installment presented very differently even if the formula was similar. For one, the last one was all Shayne all the time. This one presented at least a few other serious possibilities for Deanna. In fact, they did such a good job of it there's been a backlash about her choice of Jesse.

At 7/09/2008 11:55:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your article is excellent....thank you!

Ellen sold me on watching this season of "The Bachelorette", and I've wondered if she was permitted a peek into the authentic DeAnna Pappas?!

From the very beginning, most of us were caught up in compassion for the way DeAnna was treated at the F1 of "The Bachelor" and, also, her attractive Grecian face when she is with make-up and dressed in expensive clothing; however, we were forced to wake-up and remember that "nothing is quite how it seems" at first glance in life.

At the end of the day, DeAnna proved that she is an athletic, down-home girl (should we have missed that with Brad) and not a Southern Belle. Jesse Csincsak and DeAnna Pappas have more similar academic and social backgrounds....long-term she would have been miserable with more refined and educated men like Jason, Jeremy, or Graham and they with her. Prior to her mother's death DeAnna was raised in Kentucky. It appeared that her father enjoys a more refined lifestyle and would have enjoyed having Jason Mesnick as a son-in-law. Also, it feels as though the sister may be a half-sister raised by a different mother? and, therefore, more like her father and own mother (again, just guessing).

Regarding Jason....I sense he is a reflective person and will look at this experience and the similarities between the mother of his child and DeAnna prior to attracting someone similar and taking another failed leap (the energy of Scorpio Sun or Moon is very seductive on behalf of men (DeAnna) or women (Brad). Along with others, I'm hoping Jason is selected next to be on "The Bachelor" (film in Seattle and the San Juan Islands to permit being near his son) so we can witness a classic, mature love story and that ABC saves the expensive wedding for the successful bachelor.

IMO the Trista and Ryan love story does not deserve the attention it continues to receive nor the monies they continue to rake-in from being on the series.

In the early 70s, Breckenridge was a small and undeveloped ski area--my favorite place to ski and, yes, I fell in love with my ski instructor! - smile -

DeAnna should never have allowed Jason to get "down on his knee" (a cruel act in deed) as I suspect she "fell in love"? with the idea of Jesse Csincsak while visiting him in Colorado...there is something very special about The Rockies!

Best wishes to Jesse Csincsak and DeAnna Marie Pappas!

At 7/13/2008 07:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again for all your great posts about 'DeAnna's and Jesse's Excellent Adventure.' They were great. It's been a few days, so I'm not as disappointed for Jason as I thought I'd be. In fact, I'm glad she didn't pick him because he deserves different, if not better. Not sure whether I'd want him to be selected as the next Bachelor as many hope...that is, unless little Ty lives in the mansion with Daddy. Now, THAT would make great television!

Kidding aside, do you think TPTB should select one of DeAnna's rejects as a future Bachelor? Do you feel there's someone from that bunch that the audience can really root for. Jason, no doubt, was very well-received by the public, but who knows whether he'd want to 'put his life on hold' again away from his son. Don't know if Jeremy is perceived as interesting and lively enough. Graham would be great, but since he's been pegged as a commitment-phobe, people may not take him seriously enough.

P.S. Was it my imagination or did the 'After The Finale Rose' audience seem sort of disenchanted with De when she flashed her ring and proclaimed how happy she was? It didn't seem to pack a very big punch, to me.

At 7/14/2008 02:50:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Nugs' is what?

At 7/14/2008 11:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess 'nugs' takes the place of a handshake or something? Personally I'd deck my husband if he made a habit of doing that. Then again, I'm nearly a couple decades older than De and Jesse, so maybe it stands to reason, LOL
Chancelucky, thanks for your insightful and humorous reviews this past season. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the show itself. After the totally misleading edits, I think I'm just about done with these Bach/ette shows. Jason was ripe for the picking and Mr. Fleiss fully milked his story in particular with a misleading edit from the start. That, I didn't care for at all. Poor Jesse got a boring edit that, to me, fell flat compared to those of Graham, Jason and Jeremy. I do hope De and Jesse last, but somehow still I'm just not buying their love story.

At 7/14/2008 01:26:00 PM, Blogger Chancelucky said...

thanks for your very thoughtful comment. I do think there's a big problem when you promise one thing and deliver another. They both signalled a "jason" show which was tied to Deanna embracing her own maturity and at the last moment they delivered something quite different.

I personally don't think it's a good idea for Jason to go back on the show, at least partly because he's best as a civilian. Anytime someone shows up on the thing a second time, they basically become professional reality show people. Trista and Ryan are relatively good at it and Meredith certainly survived it well, but most other folk really wilt. Bob, Jen, and now Deanna really hurt their own credibility. Rather amazingly, Deanna wound up making Brad Womack look good.

I rather liked Jesse and now that we know more about Deanna, he does seem like a sensible choice for her. The whole knee thing with Jason was just over the top.

thanks....No, don't think Deanna's rejects should take a run at being the Bachelor. Deanna's probably as good an example as any as to why not. TV is over time a very revealing medium and I think that's part of what happened with Deanna, Jen, and Bob Guiney.

I think we'd all see Jason's rougher edges if he suddenly had 10 hours on screen instead of 50 minutes.

The AFTR audience was apparently handpicked which suggests to me that they weren't real confident about how that final choice would be received. In general, it seemed like they didn't do a lot to protect her and the show itself seems to be ambivalent about paying for/televising a Jesse/Deanna wedding.

Mr. Pogblog, I apparently mispelled it. It should be "Knucks" the act of touching knuckles instead of shaking hands, something Jesse, the eventual winner, liked to do.

for the last week, I've been trying to give Mrs. Chancelucky knucks every time I come close to her. Sometimes she laughs, but sometimes she hits me with her knucks.

I'm not sure I'm watching next Monday's Where Are They Now. All tv shows hit a point where they just wear out. The sad thing to me was it looked so much like they'd rescued the format until she made her final choice.
All that's very different from who's actually better for Deanna in the long run though.

At 7/14/2008 08:03:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aha! Daps! Daps is what baseball players have been doing for many years now instead of high-fives. (Safer really if you make your living pitching or catching a ball & don't want your fingers mangled in wild and random high-fives.)

Daps are done correctly by seeming to be about to strike the other person's fist like Hercules but actually just barely touching their fist by drawing back that apparent momentum at the last nanomoment. One does not strike the other person's fist hard at all unless one is a rube or a boor.

People have apparently invented new phrases for it, but them (like us)in the know know that it's "daps" not "knucks" nor "fist bumping."

Daps have been infinitely cooler than shaking hands or high-fives or discovering that someone you thought you liked has a "dead fish handshake" or some icky doughy handshake or an ughily damp handshake. One is spared these things. (Women especially have these weak or wishywashy handshakes foisted upon them. Yuck.) Go daps -- but geez get with it and don't call them knucks or fist bumping. Triple ugh on that.

At 7/14/2008 08:39:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly! Fleiss's franchise would have gained more credibility in the end if he showcased whatever romance there was between DeAnna and Jesse earlier on in the season and sacrificed some of the Graham, Jason and Jeremy footage they crammed down our throats. Why not edit towards four serious contenders rather than just three, especially since the winner, the proverbial darkhorse, was so darned dark that no one saw it coming?

At 7/15/2008 09:07:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid me, I'm finally realizing that Fleiss really isn't into the hearts-and-flowers aspect of these shows he creates at all; hence, the misleading story arcs and questionable editing.

Chance, good points on why Jason shouldn't be a future Bachelor. Right now he's pretty sterling in most people's minds, but too much air time can possibly reveal flaws we may not want to see in him. I too liked Bob and Jen a lot more before they had their own shows. Trista may not be everyone's favorite, but she's done all right for herself reputation-wise and has come out looking fairly credible even to this day, thanks to Ryan, in some part.

This may sound kind of strange, but I compare DeAnna's top 4 to the American Idol season top 4 when Taylor Hicks won. Graham would be Chris Daughtry (early frontrunner), Jason would be Elliot Yamin (nice guy w/ a heart), Jeremy would be Katharine McPhee (pretty one) and Jesse would be Taylor Hicks (long-haired underdog)!

At 7/15/2008 12:33:00 PM, Blogger Chancelucky said...

Mr. Pogblog,
yes, it's the same thing. Jesse's a snowboarder, so maybe they act like baseball players.

Fleiss has been very successful with the show, so he may well know what he's doing with the edit better than I do. I don't think people like being frustrated to quite this extent though.

I did think the bit with Brad watching television while eating a sandwich last night was pretty funny....I have no idea what they intended with it, it was just funny to see Brad and to see that the producers have a sense of humor about it.


AI5 was probably my favorite season of AI because they did have such interesting choices in the final 4....4 different performers with very distinct fan bases. There are definite parallels between Elliot and Jason as tv personalities, both seemed to have that thing that makes viewers like them that you can't exactly teach or even "edit".

The difference though is that most people believe that the voters really do vote in AI and the Bachelor is heavily edited so it generates all this speculation. Both shows do have people insisting that there's some sort of conspiracy or at least some level of manipulation with the results though.

This would have easily been my favorite Bachelor season, but I just felt misled by the ending.

At 7/21/2008 02:50:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


By the by, you mention that you may pass on this blog in the future in favor of your "regular" writing...

What is your "regular" writing... and can we read it?

Thanks, Sue

At 7/21/2008 03:03:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If CL won't get around to giving you the scoop on his "real" writing, it's at lucky tang novel

At 7/21/2008 04:49:00 PM, Blogger Chancelucky said...

it's nice of you to ask. I mostly write fiction some of which is also on my site. Some of which is at the Kartika Review and the Summerset Review links in my right sidebar. I also write assorted other stuff listed in my categories in the right sidebar.
None of it has been as popular as my reality tv writing, though my Karl Rove stories get read a lot as well though your politics probably need to allow you to see Karl Rove as a source of satire.


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